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Tenant Information

Q. What do I do once I sign the lease?

A. Once a lease is signed you will be required to provide money as set forth in the lease. Once all money has been collected, you will be given the keys to your rental property.

Q. When is rent due?

A. Rent is due on the 1st of each month. Rent may be paid either by check, through ACH (direct deposit) or by credit card online. Rent is considered late if it is not received by our office by the 5th of the month. Late charges will apply. Please note that rent must be in our possession and not postmarked by the 5th in order to prevent late charges.

Q. What are tenants responsible for with respect to maintenance?

A. Tenants are responsible for minor maintenance items such as regular changing of the HVAC filter and carpet cleaning prior to move-out. When a tenant rents a KPM property they will receive a tenant handbook which details tenant responsibilities.

Q. What if I have a maintenance request?

A. Maintenance requests can be submitted both online and in writing. KPM prides itself on quick response time for all maintenance requests. For all non-emergency repairs owner approval is sometimes needed. As a property manager KPM acts as the owner’s agent and cannot counteract the owner’s decisions. Emergency repairs or those affecting health and safety may be undertaken without owner’s prior approval.

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